As we begin 2017 we are all measuring our position in relation to the circumstances we face, perceiving whether we are playing from ahead or behind in life.  Our perception tells us whether we are at an advantage or disadvantage which effects how we make decisions, and what course we will choose to take.  As the old saying goes, “perception is reality” and yes, it may be your reality but that doesn’t make it the truth.

The problem with perception is that it is based on finite understanding.  We perceive based on what we process though our senses, and unfortunately we can only see a small portion of reality because we don’t have infinate understanding.  We don’t have access to the facts “behind the scenes” of life that might very well be working in your favor.

And to the point, when Malcolm Gladwell wrote about the battle between David and Goliath, he outlined the advantages that David had against Goliath, that ultimately brought him the victory.  The problem the Israelites, and the Philistines both had was seeing the situation through their perception, which was limited, and ultimately missed the advantages David had.

Fortunately for David (and for Israel) he recognized his advantages and pursued Goliath in battle, ultimately gaining the victory.

The world may miss your advantages, finalize who you are, or what you can become simply based on their limited understanding of you and your circumstances.  But in the end, it only matters how you see yourself, and whether you discover and utilize the advantages that God has given you.

It is our responsibility to discover what advantages our Creator has places in our DNA.  It is our responsibliity to mine the dreams and desires buried within our hearts.  It is our responsibility to pursue them with great determination until we experience the victory we believe can be achieved.

Although we acknowledge and use our skills and abilities, this is not where we place our trust.  Trust is tethered to the belief that God is working behind the scenes to orchestrate things to our advantage.  That although from our vantage point, we may look underequipped, we choose to believe that God is working things within us and for is in ways we cannot see or even understand in the moment.  We have to accept we can only measure a finite portion of life, a sliver, a slice, and that very good things may be happening for us in areas that we cannot see.

In those moments between asleep and awake, the arrows of negativity are already beginning to fly.  I have a “go to” thought that I default to every morning, and it helps me frame my perspective for the day regardless of the circumstances that I may face.

Today God has given me an advantage that I cannot see.