Your elephant is holding you back.  It’s the elephant in your room that you work around every day.  Most business owners and leaders have them, are aware of them, but choose to ignore them.  Your elephant is blocking your door of opportunity and until it is removed, it will hinder your progress, or worse build a bronze statue with clay feet.

What is the one thing in your business you try to avoid, work around, compensate for and minimize?

Maybe you are avoiding product quality issues, don’t want to implement proper accounting procedures, are terrible at employee training, don’t bring accountability to those who work for you, or you simply hate selling!  This list is nearly endless as there are many ways to erode the quality of an organization and effectively destroy it.

The question is, do you truly want to confront your own reality, address the deficiency and get better?  What kind of opportunity might be waiting on the other side of the elephant in your room?

The best catalyst for growth and change is to find a mentor.  One who can help you identify your weak areas, set paths for growth, and bring accountability during your journey.  An unwillingness to be vulnerable and receive correction is a sure sign you don’t want change.  But releasing insecurity and trusting another to help bring constructive criticism can bring results that cannot be achieved alone.

Small business and start ups are a crucible for human development.  Allow the crucible to refine you and learn it’s lessons.  If you do, you may very well enjoy who you become and the fruits of greater success.  Overcome the elephant in your room.