Such small words, but like the rudder on a ship, what and why.  The directional changes a mind can take just based on these two words is quite significant.  Usually once an enterprise is rolling, we continue to ask, “what are the next tasks, objectives and milestones?”  And for those who are in constant pursuit of a single mission, this is critical.

However we can never lose sight of why we do what we do.  For it was the “why” that enticed you initially.  You found a purpose, a cause or a calling that had to be pursued.  The “why” gets you out of bed early and keeps you up late at night.  “What” just represents details outside of the ideals that drive us.

Often times the “what” and “why” are competing for our reflection, decision and action.  They spar like boxers looking for supremacy and control of our direction.

For the entrepreneur, products or service becomes the vehicle to carry out the idealistic “why” that resides deep in our heart.

I recently asked Matt Swaggart, founder and CEO of Hold Fast, why his photography company was significant.  His answer had nothing to do with money, size or reach.  His answer was simple; “there is nothing as powerful in social change as the photograph.  It’s the only thing that stops a moment forever.”

His answer epitomizes an entrepreneur completely in touch with why he does what he does.  And the result is reflected in the explosive success of his venture.

Peter Novak stated in Business As A Calling that “capitalism is not a system solely about things but about the human spirit.”  When we hold fast to our why, our human spirit is alive with passion for accomplishment.

Those who hold their “why” as the lens through which they see their occupation remain those who are the most successful and fulfilled.  They have connected their calling with their daily affairs.

Ask yourself today why your occupational activities are significant?  Congratulations, if you can easily answer this.  If you struggle, then take some time to evaluate the “why” in your life.