I help business owners beat the odds.

20 Years of Entreprenuership

A business coach that can relate to you is reassuring.  A business coach who can bring a framework with proven success stories from clients, that’s essential.

I have been fortunate enough to have practiced entrepreneurship for over 20 years, founding and building several multi million dollar brick and mortar businesses,  in manufacturing, construction and in retail. The companies I founded were highly successful, one company landed on the Inc 500 list in 2010, finishing 212th overall.  

After selling my last company to a Venture Capital firm, I began coaching Entrepreneurs and established business owners with my proven framework and philosophy to help them build more profitable, stable, and scalable companies while improving their quality of life.

I help business owners beat the odds.

Your odds for survival are extremely low.  90% of all businesses fail in the first year, and of the 10% that make it, 90% fail to make it to year 10.  That means that only 1% of all businesses make it 10 years successive years in business.  99 out of 100 entrepreneurs get their butt kicked, and fail to achieve their dream of building a sustainable business. That’s not a happy ending.

Of the companies that make it, 73% generate less than $250,000 in annual revenue, 23% have revenues between $250,000 and $1m, but only 4% of all businesses generate over $1m in revenue annually.  Most business owners simply own their job and never create any significant wealth.

Learn How You Can Be in the Top 1%Learn How You Can Be in the Top 1%

Learn my Framework and Philosophy

“It’s not information that we need, its knowledge and it’s the application of knowledge” – Malcolm Gladwell 
After 20 years of building businesses and the past five years coaching business owners, I have distilled the complexities of business into a clear, simple, practical framework that when executed, has helped many business owners just like you beat the odds and build their dream business.
If you want to build the business you envision, make it sustainable for the long term, and create some wealth along the way, then contact me for a free overview.

The core issue all business owners face is that they do not take a holistic approach to operating their business. They never address the four core elements each business must excel in to be sustainable and successful, and the business does not have proven processes driving those four core elements.

I Get It. I've Been There.

I feel a deep empathy for entrepreneurs, and business owners because I’m one of you.  We have all felt the pain of start ups, and lived through the hard hard times of expansion.  I love people like you who step out to pursue their dream, put in the effort and sacrifice to make it happen. You carry the downside risk with all the personal liability on loans, leases, inventory and credit cards yet your business creates the jobs, and the culture our communities benefit from.  It’s sad that of the few business owners that make it, most end up building their own prison.

For your effort and sacrifice you deserve to become successful and enjoy what you do. 

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See for Yourself

Here are a few business owners talking about how I have helped them achieve success.

Sheldon DillinghamAvitrol

“If you own a business and want to get ahead, go check out one of the best entrepreneurial coaches around.”

Chris WashReliable Door Services

“As a small business owner starting from the basement and working our way up, you don't always see what's coming, and rarely have time to look back. With Eric, I feel like I have gone from being a door guy to being a business owner.”

Cody LandisCode Zero Customs

“Very valuable information for whoever wants it!”

Erik HansenWebster Street Media

“Working with Eric is by far, the best decision I've made as a business owner. He's taken my scattered vision for growth and turned it into a game plan I can execute and measure.”

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